How to Have an Emotionally Healthy Personality

Everyone of us is striving to have a healthy living. Healthy living conveys a lot of concepts to be inculcated in our minds and i think it takes a lot of understanding and patience to shape up our own life. No one dares to screw up one’s God given life, so to have an emotionally healthy personality, some rules are noted down by psychologists:

1. Learn to accept the inevitable things in life.

This simply means that a mature mind helps yourself prepare for the unexpected things to happen in your way. And with this, by being prepared, you can no longer caught yourself in such a bitter phase of life for as hearsay says ” Preparedness is half the battle won.”

2. Exercise restraint and temperance and moderation in the expression of your emotion.

The statement conveys that emotional expressions must be taken all in moderation. Too much of something is dangerous, hence things must be handled with proper control and manifestation.

3. Cultivate a sense of humor.

This means for a mental view that will take every thing in good stand and that enables every man to prioritize the indispensable pieces of life.
4.Develop an attitude of consideration and respect for the rights of other people.

As the maxim goes ” Do not do unto others what you do not want others will do unto you.” So basically, do things to others that will have good results for the good karma to strike back at you.

5. Be humble to accept your own mistakes when you commit them.

Accepting one’s flaws is not a difficult task to do. It rather takes you to a new chapter of inner peace and contentment for the more you accept your mistakes, the more the world will trust you and love you.

6. Learn to accept yourself for what you are.

This is quite challenging but upon knowing your wants, needs, goals, limitations, strengths and priorities in life enables you step up closer for success.

7. Cultivate friendships.

This is really a healthy practice for it helps you to grow to a better person. And it is not only in being helped but in helping others that you can feel real bliss and find release from your inner tensions.

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